The hanging out with very nice people

The antagonists are the agents and the dudes that keep annoying terrell and pushing him to do the wrong things.The dudes got Terrel in trouble by giving him pot which got him benched. The dudes we’re always annoying danny which resulted in a fight that gave Terrel a small concussion. Maurice who is one the dudes blackmailed Terrell so he can be his agent. Agents like Ray Leach got him in trouble with the camp NCAA. All this people caused problems in Terrell’s career and some of these actions could have gotten him kicked out.

3.The theme of Foul Trouble is stay with your true friends and the people who looked out for you and been there with you since the beginning. This theme fits perfect with the book because it shows what the book was about throughout the story. Terrell wasn’t hanging out with very nice people and that got him into trouble. If it wasn’t for danny and his coach things could have gotten way worse and he would have probably been kicked out. Danny was a true friend he looked for Terrel, he protected him and warned him about people and would tell him if he thought something was off about a person.

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