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The F.I.T.T formula is vital to a successful workout.

The F.I.T.T formula consists of four categories; frequency, intensity, time, and type. Frequency refers to how often exercise should be done in a week, usually three to five days a week. Spreading out your exercise throughout the week is also helpful to getting great results out of your workout, because being immobile for a majority of the week does not prepare you for an intense workout and can lead to a less successful workout, or even injury. Intensity is one of the best ways to get a great exercise out of your body. Increasing cardiovascular activity and exercising “within your target heart rate range” (The FITT Formula).

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Getting and remaining fit also depends on how much time is being put into the exercise. Exercise should be limited to 10 to 15 minutes a day and gradually increase to at least 20 to 30 minutes a day (paraphrased from the first website). Spending enough time on exercise to push your body but not to injury, is crucial for a successful workout. Finally, the type of exercise is also key in having a good workout that is tailored to your body and your fitness level. These four categories of F.I.T.

T formula can lead to a successful workout if you tailor this formula to your body, your goals, and the effort you will put into it. (The FITT Formula). Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises are very different in the effect they have on the body, and the exercises themselves. Aerobic exercises create lactic acid, improves your quality of life, and improves your mood among other things. These difference between the two are that aerobic exercises are performed for longer than 15 minutes and require oxygen while anaerobic exercises are usually in short spurts and do not require oxygen. Anaerobic exercises include sports that start and stop like baseball, tennis, and football.

Some more anaerobic exercises include sprinting and bodybuilding. Some examples of aerobic exercises are power walking, bicycle spinning classes, martial arts classes, a midfielder in soccer, or recreational ice skating (Healthy Living). Sleep is also important to getting to your peak performance of your fitness and exercise. When deprived of sleep, our fitness level decreases because our time to exhaustion is loweded.

When people exercise at least 150 minutes in a week, there is on average a “65% increase in the quality of sleep” (National Sleep Foundation). Sleep works both ways, as it affects our level of fitness and our level of fitness effects how well we sleep. Nutrition also plays a significant role in how our fitness levels are currently and the changes we can make to reach our fitness goals.

Getting sufficient amounts of protein can help build muscle fibers. Carbohydrates provide energy that our muscles require in order to perform at work. Vitamins and Minerals help your body do many things, including muscle contraction as well as maintaining fluid balance in your cells. Finally, and most importantly, drinking enough water is crucial to a successful workout and remaining fit because it replaces the liquid lost through sweating and heavy breathing, and it keeps your heart rate from raising too much (Healthy Eating) (VanHelder, T, and M W Radomski). Having a SMART goal is an important way to track your fitness levels and goals.

SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. All of these categories can be put into an exercise goal for yourself. First, your fitness goal must be specific enough so that you know what your goal is everytime you work to achieve it. Secondly, your goals must be measurable so you can know you are making progress. Without this you may lose your will to achieve your goal. Next, your goal must be attainable. It must be realistic enough so that you can envision yourself achieving it. After that your goal must be also relevant.

It must be important enough to you or someone important to you that will make this goal want to be achieved. Finally, your goal must be time based. This way there should be no procrastination in your goal and it should be your main focus.

But also your time should not be unrealistic, which could cause you to stress to complete an unrealistically timed goal. While doing this paper I learned many things go into fitness. Whether it is getting enough sleep the night before, setting the correct frequency of the exercises, or eating the right foods, fitness is much more complicated than just lifting weights at the gym.


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