The will not be met (education, positive

The arguments presented by Crito are based on if Socrates chooses to stay and not escape. The first argument, egotistical, conveys that Crito will lose a very good friend to his death. The second argument, egotistical, describes the potential shattering of Crito’s reputation due to his death. Crito fears how people will interpret his involvement in his death; individuals may think that Crito cares more about his money and well being than the loss of his friend. The third argument, deontological, Crito speculates that Socrates’ fears for escaping are not genuine since he would be able to escape easily at a minimal price. The last two arguments, both utilitarian, from Crito’s point of view are relatable to one another: Socrates responsibilities toward his children will not be met (education, positive upbringing, etc.

) and/or his children will not be cared for in the proper way. Crito believes that not escaping would be the “easy way out,” instead of doing the honorable thing for his children. However, this may be contradicting since Socrates’ friends would be able to care for his children.

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This would be a better option than raising them in Thessaly, since the children would be considered foreigners.


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