The understand, because every little piece of art

The Ascension of the Lord’s image can be very different and laborious to understand, because every little piece of art has a meaningful significant.

In the center of the depiction there is a man with long hair parted in the middle and a long beard. He seems to be pure wearing a very white tunic and a halo around his head which represents that the person is holy and unadulterated. The halo that he is wearing is unique because his nimbus has lines between his and and the end of the halo. Although the setting of the illustration appears to be on a daylight, the man is on a sky that looks like the gaze of an ocean, the top atmosphere is lit up by the stars. There is also a burgundy circular to outline the darkness from the bright yellow,sunset looking scene.

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The human being has a black marks on his left and right foot as well as on his middle hand. On his right and left out of his circular there is two angels that are very alike wearing the same custom, wearing a white tunic and a red rope crossing the loose garment. The two little gentleman that appear to be angels with a shining/glowing face and possibly golden hair, also got brown wings. Their hand are lift and spread while looking up surprisingly.On the bottom of the portrait, there are seven females and males, they all have halos around their head shining.

While some are kneeling on their knee to pray most are looking at him surprised. The pattern of the art on the left and right is very similar, for example there are two males on each side pointing at the man on the center suprisely with their left hand wearing a white tunic with a simple red rope. Their hair structure and the length of the beards are the same.

On the left there is a lady wearing long sleeve tunic with dark blue rope covering her head, her hands are crossed on her chest. There is also a man wearing long gold and red custom kneeling on the ground with his left hand landing on his chest and his other hand just land back, while one is standing right behind him with the same action but with his eyes closed. And on the bottom right there are only two ladies, while the one who is wearing red dress with purple scarf is standing looking shocked with her right hand on her chest, the other women is kneeling down with her hands lift up and eyes closed.

On the portrait there are oval type of trees on the scene.In conclusion, spiritual illustrations always got an interpretation behind every color, appearance or the structure of how something is drawn. Some artwork’s theme can be figured out with blind comprehension. But in sacred portraits its very hard to find the message without knowledge.


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