The being sold is is a BMW which

The audience of this ad is men; all ages of men. It is probably targeted mostly towards men in the forty to fifty age group.

At first I thought it was for oun er men because the man shown in the ad is oun , but the Ion er I looked at he ad the more I ‘saw.’ The product being sold is is a BMW which are expensive cars that only people with a steady job, forty to fifty yea olds, could afford. That is also the age when people go through their ‘middle age crisis.’ One of the things attached to hat crisis is irrational buying, which most often is buying a car. In addition to the previous criteria, the audience of this ad would be attracted to women and power, which a lot of males do. I get the idea about power from how the man is ortra ed in this ad.

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He looks stron , owerful and in control, and somehow he looks free; non-committed. Those are all characteristics that, I think its safe to say, most men want. Therefore they want to be just like the guy in he ad, which may include owning a BMW.

I’ve explained why the ad is for ages forty to fifty, and what the implied audience likes, but I have yet to explain why it has to be men. The messa e I understood in this article is that a male uld rather make love to his BMW than his si nificant other. Therefore, you are saying he thinks more about his car than women. By placing a magazine over her face and writing “the ultimate attraction,” is completely offensive and degrading to women. A way to convince a woman to buy a product is not by offending her. By making this ad that is degrading to women, BMW not onl lost ercent o otential costumers, but the also ot ‘blacklisted’ and ut onto a controversial ad list.


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