The there is a rhetorical question, ” who

The author Cesar Chavez builds an argument in the Dr.

King article by persuading his audience of the need for nonviolence by using examples of pathos, repetition, and metaphors. The author uses pathos in the article when he speaks about how the poor need nonviolence the most. Pathos appeals emotion to the audience which is what he did. In the article there is a rhetorical question, ” who gets killed in the case of violent revolution?”. The question is asked to show how the poor give so much to their land but do not gain much from it because of violence. The lower classes are the ones who would benefit more with nonviolence acts. The author tries to persuade the audience by using the emotional appeal to try to think of how the poor live in the world now, when he says the lower class gives so much but does not always gain anything, how they are very powerless unlike the upper class or sometimes middle classes too.

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The author also uses repetition in the article to persuade his audience. In the article the word, “we” is constantly repeated. ” We are “, ” we can ” is what is written in the article to convince the audience we are all together as a nation, and how we can all benefit from nonviolence. He wants to persuade the audience into thinking we can all come together and agree with nonviolence acts. The author explains that with the support of millions, the world could be better and the people who react positively will want to help the poor. He says the people who have consciences would rather have a non violent solution to problems.

The author uses the repetition of the word “we” for the convincing of all people being together. The author Chavez also uses a metaphor in the article to persuade the audience in the argument for nonviolence. He says ” time is our ally, we learned many years ago that the rich may have money, but the poor have time.” This is meaning how the rich focus more on the money while the poor focus more on how to live the time they have.

The rich having money will focus more on their benefits, violence will probably not affect them. The metaphor helps the author persuade the audience by telling them how the rich care about money and how others need to care for each other. When the author says ” time is our ally” it is to show how building the union of nonviolence can build over the time. Although the people will want to see victory soon they must be patient. The poor will have the time to help build the argument unlike the wealthy.

It is all down to the poor and middle class to help build the union against those for frustrated violence. The author Cesar Chavez uses Pathos, repetition, and metaphors, to help build his argument to persuade the people for nonviolence.


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