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The authors Jingqi Chen and Ping Han are the experts of Institute of Child and Adolescent Health and Peking University Health Science Centre in Beijing, China. Moreover, the author Michael P. Dunne is the expert of Queensland University of Technology School of Public Health in Brisbane, Australia. The direction they are studying is related to the health of children. Therefore, their articles are persuasive about the topic of child health.

The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship between parental knowledge, attitude and prevention of child sexual abuse. The study based on a survey of 652 grade three students’ parents in Chinese elementary school. The author used anonymous questionnaires and data collection as sample research. The survey shows that 46.8% of parents fear that CSA’s preventive education will increase students’ attention to sex, but 95% of parents believe that schools should provide education for children to prevent CSA.

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At the same time, the author also concluded that although some parents discuss CSA issues with their children, they still do not have the professional knowledge and methods to support their communication with children. Therefore, the author believed that while parents in China are raising their awareness of helping children with CSA education, the society also needs to make efforts to ensure and improve parents’ knowledge about CSA and make sure that parents give correct advice and communication to their children. Through this research survey, the author thought that the participation of parents and the efforts of society could help to improve the awareness of school sexual education and prevent child sexual abuse efficiently.

This resource focuses on children’s sexual safety issues which is a useful reference. It is related to the importance of receiving sex education. It also emphasizes that it is not only that the efforts made by parents but also the community also needs to increase awareness and efforts in this missing part.


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