The Frank, and said, “Where is Bethany?”

The Biker’s Fate On a beautiful sunny, summer’s day, in an old country town a highway goes straight through the middle and stretches from Melbourne to Sydney. Out in the distance a shiny, flickering silvery coloured object came straight toward the town. It was a group of bikers, who came to the town every month. At the end of the town stood an old, rundown motel. It is an iconic motel for the bikers and was in the past as well.

No body at all goes there when the bikers are there as they usually cause a lot of trouble and many bad things can happen. An old man named Joe owns the motel and is 75 years of age and his beloved daughter, Bethany, is 30 years old. The infamous and notorious biker, Johnny Smith, led the group.As the Bikers came up to the motel, someone walked out of the door. Everyone thought the landlord’s daughter was going to come out of the old, clunky door, but the maintenance man Frank walked out. The Bikers parked and Johnny got off his bike first, walked up to Frank, and said,”Where is Bethany?””She is inside”, said Frank”. “Why?” asked Frank “Because I want to see her”, said Johnny.

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“Ok then”, said Frank.Johnny sighed to himself and said to himself,”Why does this have to happen all the time”? “Can’t he just piss off?”Johnny walked in and the old man Joe who owns the place was sitting down behind the desk at the motel reception. Johnny walked up to the desk and said, “G’day Joe, how are you”? “Great, how about you”? “You good”, asked Joe. “Ye I’m fine”, said Johnny.

“Is Bethany in the same place as usual”?”Yep”, said Joe. “She’s been waiting for you”. The gang of bikers all took a seat at the bar at the motel and starting drinking and laughing, but Johnny went to see his beautiful Bethany. He walked off towards the back of the motel and found Bethany, where she usually waits for him. She was waiting on the couch in the small lounge room that her and her father had at the back of the motel. She was sitting on the couch, as if a queen and she looked dazzling. Looked up at Johnny and her eyes lit up.”It’s so good to see you again”, she said.

“I’ve missed you”. They gave each other a hug and a kiss.”I’ve missed you too”, said Johnny. “I’ve been longing to see you”. The two talked on for at least half an hour, or more and then Johnny said something that really surprised her and shocked her. He said, “I am going up to Sydney to rob a bank, we will then be able to live together for ever and have the luxuries we have wanted”.”Oh my”, she sighed. “You can’t do that, I thought you weren’t going to do any other bad things, I thought you quit that crap?” she asked with disappointment.

“I promise I will come back alive, free and with money”. “We will be able to have what we have dreamed for”, he said confidently. “I promise”, he said reassuring her”. “Ok, but you better come back in one piece”, said Bethany.

“I will, I promise”, said Johnny.As the two were having the conversation, someone was eavesdropping. Frank the maintenance man was listening from the room next to them. That room was his bedroom and he had heard everything that Johnny was planning to do because the walls in the motel are very thin.

Frank also loved Bethany but she did not like him and liked Johnny instead and unfortunately, for Johnny he is very jealous of him. After that conversation, Frank went outside where no one whatsoever could hear him and he phoned the police. Frank had told the police everything, so now the police new where he was heading and exactly what he was planning to do.

Johnny went back to the bar at the front of the motel, his gang were sitting down, laughing and telling each other stories. He had told them the plan before they had gotten to the motel. Now they were ready to head off towards Sydney to rob the massive bank. It is eleven thirty at night and they hopped on their bikes and said their goodbyes.

“Goodbye my sweet heart”, said Johnny.”Goodbye honey, come back alive”, said Bethany.”I will, I promise”, he said.They all said goodbye and they hopped on their bikes. They waved and sped off into the distance of the highway.

Five minutes after they left the police pulled up at the motel. More sirens wailed not that far away. Joe and Bethany came running out to see what they were doing here and Bethany had somewhat of an idea. She had figured someone must have told the police about Johnny. Then Frank the maintenance man for the motel came running from the motel, trying to look confused, as if he did not know what was going on. Bethany gave him a stare and then looked away.

“Hello officer may I help?” asked Joe. “Yes”, said an officer. “We got a call from someone at the motel about something very serious”.

“What happened?” asked Joe. “I don’t think anyone called the police from the motel”.”Yes they did sir”, said the officer. “Someone called Frank”. Bethany was not surprised that he had called the police. He must have heard Johnny and I talking she said to herself.

“Yep that’s me officer”, said Frank proudly, trying to impress Bethany. “What’s the problem officer?” asked Joe.”Someone you know is about to rob a bank”, said the officer. “Do you have any idea of who we are we are talking about?””I do officer”, said Bethany. “My boyfriend, Johnny Smith”.”Yes sweetheart you are correct”, said the officer, with a sarcastic, empathetic tone of voice.

“Does Johnny have a phone honey?””Yes he does”, said Bethany, sounding worried.”What are you going to do?” asked Joe.”Oh you’ll see”, said the officer.The officers took them inside the motel and made all three of them sit down at a table. One officer told Bethany to give him her phone and she did. He dialled Johnny’s phone number, as Bethany had told him the number. Lucky for the police, Johnny picked up the phone.

The officers told Bethany to talk to him and tell him to come back, but not to mention that they were there, as they would both go to jail. “Hello”, said Johnny.”Hi honey”, said Bethany. “How’s it going?””Good”, he said. “Anything wrong?””Yes”, she said. “You have to come back”.”Why?” he asked.”Because I want you to”, she said, getting sadder.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong sweetheart?” he asked. “Yes I’m sure”, she said. “You just need to come back now”.Johnny just would not want to come back and he kept telling Bethany it would be all right. She kept persisting for him to come back, without giving it away that the police were there but he still would not want to come.

She had tried everything, but she had one more plan as she knew he was going to be killed if he did not come back. She needed to warn him now, right away. She reached for her pocket where she kept her tiny pistol and BANG she shot herself. Everyone was stunned and shocked and then BANG, Joe shot himself too with the pistol. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo”, yelled Johnny on the phone.

“Beeethanyyyyyy!” Johnny instantly hung up knew what was happening. He knew that the police were after him and told his men to get on their bikes and go somewhere they can hide. Johnny though got on his bike straight away and zoomed back down towards the old town on the highway. As he got to the edge of town police cars were everywhere and they were their waiting for him.

They let Johnny pull up next to the motel and told him to come inside to talk. Instead Johnny got off his bike and starting yelling.”WHY, WHY did you have to this to me, WHYYYY!” he yelled.”That’s our duty sir”, said one of the officers.Then all of a sudden Johnny got out his gun and BANG BANG BANG, he had shot down three officers in three shots. Then BANG the sergeant shot Johnny in the head, just as if it was a video game. “Well down boys job done”, said the sergeant proudly.

The officers sped off. Frank was the only one left and was standing there all alone quietly. He was sad for Bethany as he did this just so he could have her, instead of Johnny having her. His plan was to get Johnny caught but it did not work at all. Bethany loved Johnny so much, she killed herself just to warn him, but Johnny was angry and came back instantly after she shot herself.

Speeding back with anger unfortunately was obviously going to end up in a mess and he died as well. Joe, Bethany father also shot himself knowing that he could not live with his daughter dead and also without his wife who had pats away ten years ago. This sad tragedy happened all because of one man’s jealousy for someone else’s woman.


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