The bioecological theory is the framework for family

The bioecological theory is the framework for family life and leads us to a greater understanding of an individual in the context of their family and their social interactions. This theory is helpful to not only analyze the family but also analyze the many factors that affect them, their processes, and their interactions with one another. This theory takes into consideration many different aspects included but not limited to biology, personal traits, interactions between the family, culture, religion, and the places that they call home (Howe, 40). There are six levels of analysis in the theory that include the chronosystem, you or the individual, microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem.
The chronosystem is the time or the age during a specific time in someone’s life, this could also be related to a specific event of significance during someone’s life. It also focuses on the transitions, as those happen to be when the most chaos happens in one’s life (Howe, 52). I focused on my high school years for this theory, as it was a very transitional time for both biological reasons, as well as for emotional and physical. The years were 2012-2016, and during the time of social media, as technology advanced it become a major source of interaction and confrontation during that time. The next level of analysis is the individual or you.
The individual or your analysis level regarding to the individual themselves, their age, sex, health, personality, and their biology. Looking at the individual itself helps you to gage their personality, and behavior in the context of their surrounding through the bioecological theory (Howe, 51). During this time, I was fourteen to eighteen years old, a female, and my health was not good. I was struggling with daily migraines that would last from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, which really effected my mood and everyone around me. The next level of analysis is the microsystem.
The microsystem of the analysis level deals with people that directly interact with you daily (Howe, 52). This would include for me my parents, my siblings Camryn and Tyler, peers, teachers, coaches, partners, and church. Each of these examples had a direct effect on me every day based on interactions. My mom for example was a stay at home mom, who took care of the house and made everything run smoothly. With my family often traveling for work, as I grew up I got very close to her, and she has shaped me into the person that I am today. My dad because he would travel often left our interactions to a minimum during this time, often focusing on the bad things, dealing with my headaches and how they were spiraling out of control. My peers, especially my best friend Mariah, got me through school and I still consider her family to this day, and often attends our thanksgiving and Christmas. The next level of analysis is the mesosystem.
The mesosystem of the analysis level relates to the people in your microsystem and how they interact with one another, through this process it is easier to get a glimpse at the real family, and how the individual is affected by other people’s relationships. My parents have been married for over twenty-five years but that doesn’t come without arguments and fights. Their relationship was always riddled with arguments that affected my siblings and I. We began to treat each other and argue the way our parents argued with one another, in a very hostile and not a calm problem-solving way. My boyfriend at the time Trevor, was not a good guy I did not see it, but my mom did. Their relationship to one another affected me because they both did not like each other. This led to me too often must space them out from one another and pick sides on things. A simple where I wanted to spend my birthday was an issue as they couldn’t be in the same room together. The next level of analysis is the exosystem. The exosystem of analysis level are individuals that don’t come into direct contact with you but effect you indirectly, but they do affect the individuals in your microsystem (Howe, 53). A prime example of this is, my fathers’ boss. I don’t encounter him ever, but he has a direct impact on the relationship between my father and I. Due to work, my father travels a lot, and this has always put a strain on our relationship. When his boss tells him, he must go out of town he misses my volleyball match, or recognition ceremony for school that widens the gap between us. Another example of this is my best friend Mariah’s mother, and her drug addiction. I never come into contact with Mariah’s mother directly, but her direct contact with Mariah, and Mariah’s direct contact with me affects me because I see how much her mother affects her. The last level of analysis is the macrosystem.
The Macrosystem level of analysis is the cultural factors in the society, at a larger scale that have a mass effect on all people during that time frame (Howe, 53). The advances in technology greatly affected and impacted me and many others as we went through high school. The emergence of social media led to an online bullying epidemic that is still strong today. Many years ago high school bulling was common and a right of passage, to stop the bullying someone would have to fight back. But during this time, people who bullied saw heavy consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school and even criminal charges. The culture in my small town of Binghamton in upstate New York was rocked to the core by this as many students found themselves finally seeing the consequences for their actions.
The bioecological theory and its six levels of analysis of the chronosystem, you or the individual, microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem, shows the framework for how an individual can be affected not only by their family but everything around them. Through this framework we can discuss an individual based on many factors and perhaps get a better understanding of family and its innerworkings as the basis of our country.


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