The until every single solution was identified

The Biomolecules Lab on 9/4/18 was an experiment that involved testing for the presence of each of the four biomolecules in a solution. The lab was set up so there were four chemicals: iodine, Benedicts, Biurets, and Sudan, to identify the four biomolecules that were present in four unknown solutions. Each of the unknown solutions were in beakers labeled numbers 1-5. Each one of the chemicals corresponded with at least one of the solutions. To test for which biomolecule was present in each solution, you pick any chemical and put about 3 drops of it into any one of the solutions with a pipette.

For example, if you were testing for proteins in a solution, you would place drops of Biurets into any one of the solutions. If the solution turned light blue, then the result was negative, meaning there is no presence of proteins. If the solution turned purple, that meant the result was positive, meaning there was a presence of proteins. You would test for the biomolecules in each solution until every single solution was identified with each biomolecule. The results of the

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