The thief in a train ,2nd time

The Book Thief. – Markus Zusak Death introduces himself as the narrator. The first time he saw the book thief in a train ,2nd time he saw her when he came for a pilot who has crashed his plane and the 3rd time was after bombing . He associates the colours with sight white, red and black . The Nazi flag colours .Death then begins the story.

Liesel her mother and Werner her brother are traveling to Munich where Werner died due to Ill health . They buried him and Liesel steals a book from one of the grave diggers. They both went to Molching where Liesel will be raised by foster parents , Hans and Rosa .Hans wins her by teaching her to roll cigarettes.Liesel meets and befriends a neighborhood boy named Rudy . Who pesters Liesel to kiss him . Hans starts to teach her the book she stole . When the town holds her book buring to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, Liesel steal another book from flames.

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Rosa tells she can’t afford Liesel to sent out to laundry . With Rudy’s help , she begins sneaking into? the Herman’s library and stealing books . Hermann leaves her a dictionary and thesaurus with a note saying she knows Liesel has been stealing from her. The Nazi’s continue to parade the Jews through Molching . At the war time the mayor’s wife gives liesel a blank note book so she can begin writing her own story . When she was editing Hans Rosa and Rudy were bombed and killed . When rescue workers pull her she was out of rubble . She leaves behind her finished book called “The Book Thief” death who has been watching all these rescues this book.


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