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The Branch Davidian cult was blinded by the leader David Koresh. The community rebel against the Federal authority because they lead themselves into believing that they were justified when they were blinded by the leader. In my opinion it was right that the law enforcement corrects in engaging in suppression efforts. David Koresh would have sexual interactions with multiple woman creating them as wives and even had sex with little girls. What Koresh done was immoral and lead a false prophecy. I don’t understand why human lead themselves in these fraudulent leaders and live such lifestyle thinking its okay to allow a person to run their lives.
When the federal went to search the complex, they had known before that the community members had over 200 of different type of weapons. For the Federal authority safety, they had to protect themselves, but who would have thought that even children would rebel against the authorities. One would think that some of these people may surrender and not want to rebel against the authorities. But the Branch Davidian cult all went against the Feds which became a gun war that ended up being a standoff for 51 days.
The way I would have handled this sensitive situation if I was in charge of the law enforcement during the confrontation at Waco, Texas was by spreading the news to the community first that David Koresh is fraud. Allowing everyone to see that he was only creating this community for his own benefit to maintain his bad womanizing behavior along with continuing his act of pedophiliac behavior. Than while speaking to David Koresh have the Feds go into the community to release those who wouldn’t mind leaving, basically freeing the innocent people, and those who rebel would have to suffer the consequences.


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