The their preferences. According to the survey, most

The Business Plan of juice Bar
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Chapter 1: Company Overview
Today’s consumer is considerably more health conscious and their demand shift toward
healthier beverages alternative to high cholesterol, obesity and carbonated based soft
drinks. Grabbing the opportunity of this growing demand towards healthy drinks, our
business idea will be opening an “Organic Juice Bar” business, a felicitous place to
hang out and satisfy one’s thirst by drinking. The business will be strategically set up in
Biratnagar, Nepal. Biratnagar is a metropolitan city and regarded as an agro-and –
commerce hub. It is the 2nd largest city in Nepal and ranked 4th in terms of population by
more than 180,000 populations. This second biggest city of Nepal is also alleged to be
the capital of language, culture and politics of the country (Nepal.places-in-the-, 2018).
The location for opening a juice bar in Biratnagar will be selected on the basis of
primary research. An online survey was conducted for an organic juice bar by preparing
a questionnaire which helped to know about the people choices and their preferences.
According to the survey, most of the people have chosen traffic chowk, reason maybe it
is the preferable area for cafe, restaurants and shopping’s in Biratnagar. People usually
visit there on a regular basis as it is the market place with various facilities. For organic
juice bar, it will require of 1000-1200 sq. ft. building. Outdoor seating is imperative and
the bar front should be visible from the street. Hence, proper location helps us to retain
customer and have a better chance to succeed in business.


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