The it is important that you respect them.

The first thing you should do in any situation which might cause you to feel anger is to recognise the angry.

If your raising your voice or your muscles are tensing then you should try to remove your self from those situations. It is very important that you can identify when you get angry and what causes you to feel that way.When you’re in certain situations which may cause you to get quite angry or frustrated with other people or events you should always remember to take a breath and think before you speak. Counting to ten may give you a chance to think and calm down. Another thing to keep in mind when your frustrated is to make sure not to say anything offensive or anything that you might regret.

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Instead of opting to shout or display anger try taking a break before you do anything . Try to remember that other people have feelings too and it is important that you respect them. Don’t take your anger out on anybody especially if they have done nothing wrong. Refrain from any physical response even touching the other person. Speak with words and express your anger though words instead of action but be careful with what you choose to say.My second piece of advice is for you to separate yourself from the situation you are in.

Try to go upstairs, go to your room or leave the current room if you feel like staying in that room will only increase your levels of stress or make you more likely to do something that you do not want to or something that you will regret. A very good way to make sure situations don’t escalate is to make humour out of the situation. Look for solutions like making a joke. Instead of focusing on what made you angry and why, you should focus on ways to make sure you don’t get angry again so that the situation doesn’t escalate. In addition it may help to look at the situation from a different perspective. Ask your self questions like if your over reacting or what would you do if u were in the other persons shoes. Prevent the question “what would you do differently” by doing it  correctly the first time.

The most important thing to remember is not to hold a grudge. Holding grudges will cloud your judgement and make you forget about positivity. If you hold grudges you will only damage relationships and it will cause you to get angry more often. If you learn to forgive people you can learn from previous experiences and better understand how to handle difficult situations if they arise again.When you get angry practice  breathing exercises and  imagine relaxing scene’s.  Try to temporarily disconnect from the situation. Managing anger in the long-term.Once you can realise that you are getting angry, and can calm yourself down, you should start looking at ways to control your anger more I’m the long-term.

Try getting into an activity that you can do from time to time. Exercise is a great way to get rid of angry in the long-term. (Walking and meditation.) Along with exercise doing something creative may help reduce your handle situations differently in the future.Get rid of angry thoughts and try to let go of any unhelpful ways of thinking. Thoughts that place blame on others will only increase your stress and cloud your judgement.

Finally, acknowledging your angry in stressful situations Is key. Remind yourself that you need to slow down and think. Don’t do anything irrational and attempt to have a sensible conversation with the person your on bad terns with. If the conversation makes you more angry than it is OK to leave. Identifying what could go wrong and actively looking for a way to prevent it will stop the situation from getting out of your control.


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