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The Cadbury company was created by the Englishman John Cadbury. Initially it was a small shop in the city of Birmingham, but soon things went so well that John rented a whole factory on which he produced cocoa and liquid chocolate. He also began to supply chocolate to the royal court.

Currently Cadbury is a world-famous company supplying its chocolate to more than 200 countries.32. Every year people consume chocolate more and more. According to experts, in the near future demand will grow by 15-20%, but this will not be the limit. Still would! After all, now literally everyone can find a treat to his taste: black, white, bitter, porous, with raisins, nuts … On the shelves, you can even find chocolate with such an unexpected combination of flavors, like milk chocolate and salted peanuts – to an amateur, of course, but many like it! List the list of new tastes can be endless.

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Every year in the world, chocolate is produced at $ 83.2 billion.7th3. In Latin, the cocoa tree is “Theobroma Cacao”, which means “food of the gods”. Perhaps the gods also love the sweet;)6th4. Above we already mentioned white chocolate. Do you know that that white chocolate, which can be found on the shelves in large numbers, really can not be considered chocolate? Usually, less than 20% of cocoa butter is used for its production, which is replaced by vegetable oil.

95. Chocolate in moderation – it’s not only delicious, but also useful! The most useful for health is considered black or bitter chocolate, and not dairy. American professor Karl Keane found that the consumption of chocolate interferes with the clumping of platelets and the formation of clots in the vessels of the brain and heart, and as a consequence – the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.46. 1870 was a breakthrough in the production of chocolate. It was at this time in Barcelona was invented the first mechanical machine for its production.17.

If you believe Italian scientists, women who regularly eat chocolate, get more pleasure from sex than girls who limit its use or do not use at all.Picture: grated chocolate8. When tasting various types of chocolate takes place, in order to clean the taste in your mouth, it is customary to drink strong black tea without sugar.89. The largest chocolate bar was made by the Grand Candy confectionery: weight 4.41 tons, length 5.

6 meters, width 2.75 meters, and height 25 cm. This result is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

1010. Previously, chocolate was available only to the wealthiest strata of society. To have chocolate on the table was a sign of a very high incomes.


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