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The career I am interested in doing is becoming a probation officer. A reason for this is that I like helping the community out. The roles of a probation officer are getting the correct criminals off the street, enforce laws, put people on ankle bracelets and help testify when it comes to the person going to court.

Job tasks for this career are working with people who were convicted of crimes and decided to be on probation then actually going to a jail or prison. The 5 top duties for this job is Court proceedings, case management, Assessments, Records management, interventions, and supervision. Educational requirements for a probation officer is a bachelor’s degree but after graduate school, you can complete requisite education and complete a psychological and endurance test to qualify for the position. Also, taking courses to help you get to this position will also work because you will be able to understand sociology which a part of the criminal justice system.

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The licensing/ certifications needed takes a while, but it goes off several tests and a physical exam with a great background check. To obtain the certificate, you need to attend a six-week training program then you will receive a completion certification stating you are certified for the position. The entry salary for the probation officer is $37,284- $62,094 per year. The annual median range for a probation officer is $51,410 per year.

Experienced workers in the field have a salary of $60,499 a year. The different outlooks for the probation officer field changes based off a projected 10yr growth from 2016 to 2026. Also, the growth went up about 6 percent in 2016.

Growth is getting out of hand by going up unexpectedly throughout the years. I say this because in 1841 probation was created and in 1876 parole was created, it made the U. S steer most individuals go away from harsher punishments. The annual increase is going up and it decreased by -0.82 percent nationwide. Probation officers tend to have a chance to earn more in the outlook field than others because of the higher salary.

Some benefits they have are different than others because they expect you to determine what the outcome is and what people need to do for things to become better. Probation officers are hard workers and it takes plenty of time to fully understand what is expected of you but it’s worth every little bit. There is plenty of benefits for this job depending on how long you have been experienced and the more opportunities you have doing a certain position or working in a specific field/section. Probation officers have a lot of desk work and they also have a lot on their hands because they must do paperwork about the specific cases on juveniles and figure out if they should go to prison or stay out but be monitored with a probational officer.

Having probational officers are helping teens stay off the streets and understand their mistakes rather than going to jail and them getting tortured. They finally realized that them going back to jail Is not doing them any better. Their mothers and fathers are not helping because of there not the ones who put them there in jail too begin with. So, they decided probation and parole will help give more discipline then strictly sending people straight to jail or prison.

In conclusion, I have great organizational skills, and most importantly I have the mentality to want to help and change someone life for the better not the worse.


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