The community of Entrepreneurs working in a wide

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is the creative hub at Ashoka University that nurtures the entrepreneurial passions of students, fellows, faculty and founders alike. The Centre is committed to assisting students in every stage of the lifecycle of an enterprise– right from inspiration, ideation and initiation, to incubation, investments and internationalisation for both mainstream innovations as well as ventures around social innovation and sustainability.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University one of a kind for several reasons- Firstly, the Centre serves as an academic centre while also incubating and accelerating start-ups. This helps our students and the larger Ashoka community enjoy the benefit of a centre that is strongly grounded academically and also helps cater to the on-ground realities of starting up. Secondly, it is the perfect amalgamation of Liberal Arts and Entrepreneurship, the result of which is a vibrant community of Entrepreneurs working in a wide range of sectors spanning from the mainstream to the niche. Finally, the deep social consciousness that comes out of a liberal arts education and the expertise and network derived from the Ashoka community through the Centre, make the start-ups emerging from the Ashoka family all the more relevant in the contemporary world.

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