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The characteristics of an effective team which separates it from other group and makes it effective is the capability of the team to perform at the highest level for an extended period of time and to complete its work in the most efficient and effective manner and to the best of its ability. Teamwork produces its own quality that becomes successful in a group. A good team is formed to complete the objective it is given. An effective team is excited to completing its goal by using the team’s resources. This does not mean that as individuals the people that make up the team share the same point of view.

It means that when the team is presented with a goal, they can come together and work as a single unit to accomplish the task.There are a number of features of a team which make it different from a group:1. In an effective team, members share a high level of dedication to achieving the common objective.

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2. Members of effective team knowledge a high level of satisfaction from being part of and working with the team.3. In an effective team, members work well together in an integrated way, with a high level of awareness and understanding of each others’ strengths.4. An effective team shows a high capability for solving its own problems.

The skills exist and there is a willingness to act.5. Most significant from the organization’s point of view is that an effective team is one producing high quality results.

High quality results, it could be reasonably argued, are the outcome from the other characteristics of the effective team.The qualities of a successful work team are, therefore, identifiable, quite specific and measurable. Although any group can possess any or all these characteristics, an effective team must display them all.


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