The know about the new s-class car. With

The chicken magic body is a simple ad that everyone can understand but at the start of the video, most people do not get an idea about it and this increases the involvement for people to watch the video to the end and thus get to know about the new s-class car. With the use of chicken in the ad, most people would think the new s-class car is cheap but they understood more that it only uses it to express its stability and control suspension. The ad captured most people’s attention and received 2 Million views, 220,000 Facebook shares and 6000 twits in less than 4 days.

The consumers find the new brand safer for them since the cameras can help to access what it ahead and keeps the drivers alert and how faster the car is moving stays in its most stable way. As the producer wanted to produces the brand that many people yawn for to find unique and comfy ride, Cytrynski says, “we want to make it possible for drivers to feel as little of the road surface as possible, if that’s what they want.” In this case they had identified the need of the consumer and as the result the ad motivated most people to try the new s-class brand.

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