The her mouth, “Please don’t talk to me.”

The child cries.Hoping dearly for a new beginning,wanting to be free from her past.She was forced to fleethe memories of tears, blood, and solitaryonce again fill her head.She seeks refuge from loneliness,from her teddy bear’s company.But the dream of freedomkeeps hope alive.Tired eyes, matted hair,and her dirty night gown her mother made her.She talks to her bear which she grasps in her handstrying her hardest to not thinkof her sorrows and pain of the past.Ignoring those who stare at her,she enters her special place.Her little heaven when life gets toughwhere she feels no sadness and she feels no fear.A place of peace with no hassle of life,her safe place of refuge whenever she cries.Like a sunrise, her teddy shines light into her daybringing beauty into the deepest cracks of her heart.She begins to smile down with a shy trembling heart,one spark of hope and joy in a world filled of pain.The child may cry, but she’ll never stop dreaming,dreaming of a place where she would once againhave a loving family.She refuses to share her life as a refugee,she opens her mouth, “Please don’t talk to me.”Forgotten words tumble and fallshe can’t bear the pain of looks and words.She knows she is a refugee, butdoesn’t want to be and won’t accept the title.She once had a home,a home and a family.They all would work for many hours a day,but along came a dictator who told them to go.She wanted to fight, but how could she?The girl’s heart was broken,all they worked for, all taken away.They walked to the border of their countrybut what happens next is filled with agony;Her mother, her father, her sister, her brother,taken away, all except her.We should all take a moment to realizehow greatly we are blessed,because it doesn’t end here, it only gets worse;It’s not only her who went through this,it’s people all over, and it’s still happening.People trek away from their nation,fleeing from the wreck of desolation.The children frail and the elders weak,they come in trains many at a time.Alone seeking safety,she just wants to break free.She’s fleeing, she’s running,But how much further would she have to goto find a new home?A home where they would give her the most precious gift she could ever ask for,a gift that she would perish forever, the gift of love.She’s tired of fleeing and she’s tired of running,the light will find away, it always does.Before she falls asleep withher head rested on her arm,with promises of hope thatat last she would find a new family.She hopes and prays she would escape,and one day she’d find a placewhere she’d feel like she finally belonged.She later wakes up and begins walking down the street,hugged her teddy as tightly as she could.Choaking down her tears, shehides her pain and sufferingunderneath a smile.She’s tired and hungry, weak and tired.Suddenly the feeling of soft fingersgently taps at her shoulder.Friendly faces greet her, and that’s just the beginning;a new community is rising up, a friendly one with families and friends.Leaving behind all she’s ever known,she hopes and she praysthat this is where she finally belongs.


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