The are getting increased day by day.

The clothing industry sector being positioned at first place and also the spending on clothing and clothing among the customers are getting increased day by day. It becomes imperative to study the changing behavior of consumers. Over the past decade the fashion industry sector has gone through some major structural changes. The Indian customer has undergone a remarkable transformation. Just a decade or two ago, the Indian customer saved most of his income, purchased the bare necessities and rarely indulged himself.

Today, armed with a higher income, credit cards, exposure to the shopping culture of the west and a desire to improve his standard of living, the Indian consumer is spending like never before. Organized retail with its variety of products and multitude of malls and supermarkets is fueling their addiction. Most customers’ preferences change according to the change in fashion.

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The clothing fashion plays a paramount role in shaping clothing consumerism. As lifestyles change, fashion in India is becoming more diversified, as in the Western countries. Technology, ideas and lifestyles are moving concurrently and quickly. Companies and brands that offered monotonous products for years, have now multiplied their product ranges and new appealing styles, shapes and forms are being launched each season by them.


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