“The activity among the African Americans which needed

“The Color Purple” MovieIntroductionThe Color Purple is a drama film of the American Age directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985 based on the novelist Alice Walker and screen-player Menno Meyjes.

Ill treatments led Whoopi Goldberg (Celie) to write letters to God because of ongoing incest, rape, bisexuality, and lesbian activity among the African Americans which needed to stop. The filming took place in North Carolina and portrayed other situations African American women faced too, such as racism, domestic violence, sexism, and pedophilia. Two female companions of strong nature helped Whoopi Goldberg (Celie) realizes her worth in herself. Shug Avery and Sofia help Whoopi Goldberg (Celie) find her strength throughout the thirty years to be her own woman. PlotWhoopi Goldberg at the time this movie took place was at a very young age of 14 years. Whoopi played the role of Celie in this movie “The Colored Purple” and was very poor and uneducated. Celie lived in a small rural state called Georgia where her father Alfonso always raped and beat her without will producing two children that were later taken away from her. Celie is then given to Albert Johnson as his new wife who he was a widower with three children from a previous marriage.

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She had to take on the wife position in an abusive relationship by Albert Johnson. Celie sister Nettie then followed her there to Albert Johnson house to avoid the father’s abuse as well. Upon arriving at the Albert Johnson estate he takes a liking to Nettie and assaults her sexually too, while she was in route to school. Nettie fought Albert off of herself but was removed from the estate forcibly. Celie at this point no longer accepted Albert Johnson abuse since many years passed and she had changed to being a meek adult. Albert Johnson oldest child namely Harpo marries Sofia his girlfriend which shocks Celie seeing her in a matriarchal household being boisterous and strong-willed.

Albert seeing Sofia strong-willed alerts his son Harpo to take control of Sofia by physically hitting her to show he’s the boss. Albert had no success in controlling Sofia so Celie asks,” what should he do?” Celie then not being able to control her abuse tells Harpo to start abusing Sofia. Sofia retaliates by force and asks Celie what she communicated to Harpo, and to put him on notice that it would mean death if he hits her again. Celie was told by Sofia to do likewise the same death act to Albert Johnson.

Sofia soon took her kids and departed from Harpo. Shug Avery which was a former girlfriend of Harpo and Albert became very ill from a sickness unknown which led her to become a resident in their home. Upon Shug Avery arrival inside the home of Albert and Harpo led to Sofia having no ill feelings for Shug Avery since her pictures were visited prior to her arrival. Shug Avery strong will and ability to stand up to Albert led Celie to accept her presence. Celie then nourished Shug Avery back to good health with her nursing career. Shug Avery then admired Celie so much in that she wrote songs about her and performed at the bar that Harpo owned.

Shugs lifestyle was wild and liked by Celie and not by the reverend. Celie followed Shug Avery around most of the time. Celie decides she will leave with Shug Avery to Memphis but Albert disapproves of her leaving as she packs hurriedly. Sofia gets caught up in a riot which investigation led her to be imprisoned with separation from her children. Many years passed and Sofia was released from prison and ordered to become Ms. Millie maid by the judge.

Eight years had gone by since seeing her kids so she gets permission to go and spend time with the family for Christmas. Grady now becomes husband to Shug Avery and she goes back to live in the household with the Johnsons hoping to obtain a contract to do recordings. Now Nettie passes on a letter for Shug to give to Celie letting her know her children were adopted by a couple she was working for. Nettie letters had been hidden all the time by Johnson while he was out drinking with Grady, along with Celie and Shug knowing this. Celie and Shug found as they searched the house many dozens of letters beneath the floorboards in a compartment that was hidden. Celie was so busy reading Nettie letters to the point that she did not hear Albert calling her to shave him so she gets a beating. Celie was using a straight razor at the time and considered killing Albert, but Shug jumps in and stopped the death.

The Johnsons, Sofia and Avery families are at a gathering for families and Albert is spoken about by Celie to Sofia and Shug who wants to fight and break the silence. Now the new wife of Harpo chooses to stand her ground. Celie now curses and threatens Johnson who criticizes her.

Celie then leaves the scene by car with Grady and Shug. Celie many years later opens and become the owner of a tailor shop. Johnson is now alone and has aged. The bar is now being run by Sofia and Harpo who made recompense with one another. Celie finds out from Nettie that their dad Alphonso was not their father biologically. These accusations made Alfonso leave the property of the Harris’s to Nettie and Celie.

Shug started singing at Harpo bar after not performing for many years. Nettie sends Celie a letter addressed to Johnson about going in his hidden stash, and he later helps the employers of Nettie and the return of her father back to the USA. Johnson watched from a distance as families reunited.


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