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The competition in healthcare industry is fierce. Henry Schein has two main competitors, Patterson Companies Inc and Benco Dental.

The former was found in 2003 and became one of the biggest competitors of Henry Schein. Compared to Henry Schein, it has fewer than 10,000 employees and earns less revenue. Patterson Companies Inc occupied around 33 percent market share and supplied products and service which worth nearly 7.5 billion to dental market.

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It has more than 100 years experience about delivering products which help themselves to gain strong awareness to cope with supply chain problem resulting in effective and efficient distribution. Furthermore, it trying to be more advanced in technology. For instance, a new technology which is called CEREC Zirconia has been used by Patterson Companies Inc. Due to using this technology, a restorations of single visit can be possible and more affordable.

This technology can also helps improving experience of customers and efficiency of work. In addition, As a PDF mentioned that:: “Patterson Companies Inc define themselves as value-added, full-service distributor with broad product and service offerings company” (“Strong Foundation Bold Future”4); Thus, Patterson Dental provides customers plentiful dental products which reached to 90,000 SKUs(stock keeping units) including patented products to their customers with favorable and competitive price. What is more, Their services include not only sales, but also repair and maintenance. Those competitive strengths help Patterson Companies Inc to maintain valuable customers and to reinforce the brand position, efficient distribution provider to dental health care with competitive price. However, because they highly focus on supplying they lack the service to enhance customer experience. The latter is considered as the other powerful rival of Henry Schein which was found by Benjamin Cohen in 1930. This company focus on customer services resulting in having a strength about providing high-quality experience to customers compared to their competitors.

For example, they set up a specific team called The Benco Continuous Improvement (BCI) team to ensure offering satisfying life for both their customers. As a result, a customer who might alternate among the company now has a reason to choose Benco Dental. However, Compared to Henry Schein, Benco dental is focusing on its customer service and existing business, lacking of the ability to introduce new technology, to expand new products. Consequently, Benco Dental has not have any recent trademark application.

Their mission is ambitious and exciting. They are dedicated to improving the dental health and quality of life in our local communities and around the world (Benco Dental).


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