The past years; changes in fuel prices,

The concept of this report is to analyze the three-year financial highlights of Singapore Airlines, evaluating their financial performance on how well the company did for the past three years. This is to determine whether Singapore Airlines are on its financial stability, and identifying the reason for their decline. Trend values, financial statement, and annual profitability have been extracted from Singapore Airlines annual report (FY14 – FY17). Methods of analysis include three-year financial statistics of passenger revenue and expenditure, trends of monthly passenger yields, passenger and breakeven load factor. This gives a clear comparison on how one revenue affects the other, and how does this reflect the total revenue. By analyzing the annual report, there are three risks that Singapore Airlines has been facing for the past years; changes in fuel prices, competition from the low-cost carrier and economic uncertainty.

This report, it hoped to gives a better understanding of Singapore Airline’s revenue performances and how these values change affect the trend.

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