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The concept of “Tuition” is very common among the student of the new generation and their parents. Initially, tuition was suggested for the weak students but now, most of the students prefer to take tuition after school. Some student takes coaching classes and some prefer to have private tuition. In the coaching classes, the strength of the class is usually large and the students didn’t get the optimum attention that’s why students prefer to have a private tuition.

Nowadays, Private Tuition is a good option for the tutor to generate a good and reputed source of income. For the student, private tutor help in reducing the workload of the student.Advantages of Private Tuition -1. More Time and Attention: – In private tuition, a student can receive special attention. With this, the tutor and the student can focus on the one-to-one basis. This method of teaching is preferable for the weaker point. In the coaching classes, the tutor could not give much attention and time to every student which results in the student lose their interest from the subject.2.

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Time and Effort Saving: – The private Tuition mainly helpful to the students who are involved in some extra-curricular activities and want to save their time from traveling. This helps in channelizing the effort in the correct direction. This advantage mainly favors to the parents, who don’t want to send their kids anywhere.3. Choose the Best Teacher: – In private Tuition, the parents, as well as the students, have the opportunity to choose the for the suited person as a tutor because sometimes the teaching styles of a teacher may create a huge difference.

Whereas in coaching classes, the student has to attend the class in. 4. Boost Confidence: – Since the concept of the private tutor is basically focused on the one-to-one basis. So the quality of the work which is done by the student and the tutor both get improved. Through this, the potential of the student get improved and ultimately the performance becomes better.

This method of teaching is usually preferred to the shy students because in the crowd they don’t express themselves.5. Personalized Help in Homework: – Nowadays, the homework given to the students are more complex and it becomes more discouraging to the students. At last students left their homework.

In such cases, the tutor provides assistance to the students to understand the homework and its importance.6. Flexible with teaching style: – In coaching classes, the teacher is very rigid with their teaching style and also with the material they teach. In private tuition, the student and the tutors have the flexibility have to choose because of the material and also the teaching style in which they are comfortable7.

Reduce Peer Pressure: – In the classroom, a student study has many other students with them as their classmate, so the pressure to perform better from their peer get generated automatically Whereas in private tuition, most often a single student got all the attention and they don’t have anyone to compare.


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