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The Congo rainforest, the tropical rainforest of the African Congo Basin, is second only to the tropical rainforest of theAmazon Basin in South America . It is known as the “second lung of the earth” and its land area of more than half of the tropical rainforest is more than 2.3 million square kilometers. 54% of them are covered by forests. This is a tectonic basin with a thickly sedimentary rock that is largely undisturbed at the bottom, forming a flat and monotonous topography. Only some of the sporadic low cliffs caused by faults break this monotonous landscape to some extent.
The Congo Basin is located in central Africa and covers an area of about 3.37 million square kilometers. The equator runs through it. The Congo Basin is a tropical humid climate with the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon Basin. It is home to an abundance of species, including more than 10,000 plants and more than 400 species of mammals, producing a variety of precious woods.
The broad-leaved trees of up to 40 meters in the forest are evergreen all year round, forming a dense and continuous canopy. Mammals include elephants , chimpanzees and gorillas , giraffes, lions and cheetahs, as well as more than 1,000 species of birds and more than 200 species of reptiles. The large forest here is known as one of the largest gene pools on Earth. The Congo Basin is known as the “Chinese and African Gems”
A major role in the fight against is climate change. Deforestation is one of the major causes of climate change. On the one hand, because fewer forests are less CO2 absorbed and trapped by these ecosystems, so more CO2 in the atmosphere. On the other hand, because of cutting trees, the forest industry releases CO2 stored by these trees. In the end, up to 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to deforestation. It’s more than the entire transport sector.
The presidents of the seven Central African countries said on February 6, 2005 in Brazzaville , the capital of the Republic of Congo , that they will actively take measures to establish a regional organization to protect the species diversity of the Congo Basin. Cameroon President Biya , Gabonese President Bongo , Equatorial Guinean President Obiang , Chad President Derby, Congo (Kinshasa) President Kabi at the closing ceremony of the second session of the Central African Forest Ecosystem La, President of the Central African Republic Bozizé and Congo (Brazzaville) President Sassou signed a resolution committing to protect the biodiversity and its ecosystems in the Congo Basin.


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