The to arrive at the divine experience.

The contemporary theologian, Balthasar, in his text on fundamental theology quotes “Human experience as the starting point for the divine experience” and calls for interpreting the existential human experience in its context in the light of Christian faith to arrive at the divine experience.

The existential human experience of the present generation gives raise to interpretation of immanentism and thus arrives at the divine experience in all the material things based on one’s reasoning but not the divine experience as such and so not able to pass on the divine experience to others. In fact, the present globalised context, despite its vast advancement in networks and means of communication, has created in every Christian the desire for personal freedom and comfort and the withdrawal from taking up responsibilities due to discouragement on seeing the evils of the world and, pain and negativity involved in evangelisation. The interpretation of immanentism leaves every Christian at the point of discouragement and the loss of inner sight and hope.

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At this juncture, the Pope Francis invites the Christian community to look at the impacts of globalisation as challenges to be overcome in the light of Christian faith and thus arrive at the conversion of heart in order to have the communion with God and take up the responsibilities of communicating the joy of that communion to others.


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