The power when required but, reducing output

The cost of fuel is still continuously increasing, as well as fossil fuels becoming non renewable closer and closer. Ford has come up with a new idea, called ECOnetic technology which is trying to improve the efficiencies of the Ford range. The statistics show that the vehicles are consuming less fuel and using their fuel more efficiently, which is lowering the amount of emissions used. This is an idea which is extremely helpful for the environment but, also helpful for the owners because, the running costs are lowering. ECOnetic technology includes Ford EcoBoost technology – a class leading engine available in a variety of sizes including the award winning 1 litre EcoBoost which provides the same level of power output but using 20% less fuel. Also it comes with advanced technology such as the Ford powershift automatic gearbox which is designed to select the most appropriate gear, for the situation the car is in. It is delivering power when required but, reducing output when it is not needed, with this in mind the overall results are the fuel efficiencies are improving.Ford Duratorq diesel technology utilises the latest engineering technology for Ford diesel engines, helping the fuel to be utilised more effectively, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and more distance between refuelling stops.

The results are improving the driving experience for different customers but, Ford is aware that they are lots of improvements that need to be made

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