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The country that me and my group chose was Italy. We chose Italy because we thought there were a lot of different authentic foods that could be cooked. There are many topics from Italy’s point of view that I could talk about like, the geographic area, the president and the leader, the population, the cultural fads, so the in style things, and their typical foods and households.

To begin with, the geographic area of Italy is very different from other countries around the world. For example, Italy has one of the most powerful marks on western culture and cuisine. The capital of Italy is Rome and it’s famous for many different things; like Michelangelo’s’ “David” and many other paintings. Secondly, this kind of goes with talking about the geographic area and how it is ran. The president or leader of Italy is Sergio Martella. Martella is 76 years old and has been the President of Italy since 2015.

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Another name that might even sound familiar to you is Benito Mussolini and that’s because he is italy’s prime minister who is also known as Italy’s main leader. So I’m pretty sure most of us all categorize Italy as a small country from ours because it looks smaller. When we think of Italy we think of foreign and pizza most of the time but that’s actually politically incorrect. For how small Italy’s size looks, it actually has a surprisingly big population.

It’s population was a little over 60.6 million in 2016. It has stayed about the same rate since 2018. Cultural fads and traditions are other things that are pretty popular in Italy. They do a lot of unique things that we wouldn’t do or wouldn’t even think of doing. Now these may not be quite fads but Italy is home to many museums and is very well known for all of the paintings that have been painted there.

However it’s not just art, music is kind of a fad in Italy because opera has its roots there. You would find many more Opera singers in Italy then up here. Italy is also known for there authentic cuisine. There ideas of food has grown so much across the world that many other countries have started to make the culture’s food. But traditions play a big role in what fads Italy has.

They have many traditions that we do not have or do. Like for example, on new year’s, us as Americans we drop a giant watermelon, or drop a gigantic glass ball, but Italy celebrates in a different way. They do a thing called Sylvester’s feast and it’s where they feast, they shoot fireworks, they make a toast, and they have a party. We all have different traditions under our belt. Many different countries have many different ideas about household and just typical everyday foods.

Like we think Italians eat pizza and spaghetti all day long but that’s actually not the case at all. The foods that we would normally expect Italians to eat they don’t that much or even at all. They would eat food made from their culture and what they were raised to eat.

Now living in Italy is very different for most because it depends on where you choose to live. You can live in the city but you have many choices as to where your city or location might be.In conclusion, Italy has formed many cultures of their own and they have grown a lot; to there food culture and how they live their lifestyle and their fads and traditions. Overall, I think Italy is an amazing place despite all of the good and bad things about them and I have learned a lot. I’m glad that me and my fellow peers chose Italy for our project because it’s a very interesting topic and I can’t wait to learn more!


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