The review is no longer appropriate. Risk

The current assessment for an individual may no longer be appropriate when an individual’s condition or environment changes, as previously the individual could have been mobile completely unaided and their condition had worsened causing them to be bed bound. That individual then has a greater risk of skin and tissue break down then they had in their previous assessment. This sort of incidence is when the individual’s current assessment and review is no longer appropriate.Risk assessment enables the correct and suitable preventative methods to be initiated and maintained. Early recognition of people who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers is an essential part of prevention. All individuals ‘at risk’, or with existing pressure ulcers should be assessed within the first few hours of admission and reviewed on a regular basis throughout their stay.

Those individuals considered ‘at risk’, or those with pressure ulcers, should receive appropriate interventions. An avoidable pressure ulcer is one that occurs when risk assessments, preventive actions and continued re-evaluations have not been implemented. Risk assessments must be regularly reviewed and revised as changes within the individual’s physical or mental condition can lead to an increased risk of pressure ulcer development.

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