The the productivity, when people can conquering the

The development of the economy that can prosperity of the country and develop the productivity, when people can conquering the nature, and also can be rebuilt the environment, desert will be transformed into farmland. Economic development is the way to protect the environment. In short, protecting the environment and economic development are not contradictory. In the process of economic development must pay attention to protecting the environment. Because our Earth is a circle of the world.

In fact, there is no absolute waste on the Earth, all things can be recycled. But in human intervention that the deviation was happened in this cycle, people almost destroy this cycle over the centuries. For example, when people was develop the economy and making life better, there has some many animal become extinct, is a vicious circle.

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If we does not cares of it, Earth’s resources will be consumed out. We need to protect our Earth and the life cycle. Prevention should be more “farsighted” and not always stare in the economic goals.

It should be from the perspective of the humanities and natural to begin.


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