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The ecological model is used to explain problems that a person may be dealing with individuals and environmental. For a person who is dealing with individual and environment changes in their life would need someone to talk to or to help them organize changes there are occurring in their life. The ecological model is to help enhance in restoring a person that has been affected by individual and their environment (Appleby, Colon, & Hamilton, 2011, p.7).
It is important for the social worker to know the history of the group or population they are working with because you better assist the client more effectively. When a worker knows the background of the client and where they come from, it helps the worker and client to work on the client situation. If the client has a religion did the work is not familiar with, it is for the worker to research the religion. Once you are aware of the conflicts that people are experiencing you should note or document it, so you can use it for reference. Social workers must be in film in different cultures and ways to better understand the client (Appleby, Colon, & Hamilton, 2011, p.7).
The highlight task in the ecological model of practice is the historical, environmental-structural, cultural, family, and individual. You can tell a difference in a person’s life when these highlight tasks are involved, so we as workers must be mindful of the impact it can cause a person. The history is the experience that a person or client may have been dealing with the oppression of themselves and the environment in which they live. We must document those oppression for reference and to have them to be able to help another person in need. The environmental- structural can be very stressful on a person. Embracing how society wants us to look like and what we should wear and how our hair should be or not being accepted by peers can be stressful on a person. Facing discrimination in society where we supposed to be equal a person dealing with not getting a job because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. The cultural and family a person have embraced for years can turn on them when the individual has changed such as being homosexual or sinning. The people who are supposed to be there for them to turn their back on them can hurt a person and make them feel unwanted. An individual person can cause them to be stressful due to not receiving professional help. Some people go through mental health or health problems or life experiences and do not know where to go for help (Appleby, Colon, ; Hamilton, 2011, p.6-7).
The ICD-9 mean International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision and DSM means Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder these were established to help identify the physical and mental health problem clients face in personal and environmental. This helps social workers become knowledgeable about the health problems that may affect the performance of an individual and families (Appleby, Colon, ; Hamilton, 2011, p.11).


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