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The economy of the world is blooming, women have assuredly made their presence visible in the global world, and they have shined in many different careers.

Being a working woman has advantages and disadvantages that can affect her life. Especially working mothers, since they have more responsibilities and having a job will not only have an impact on her but also on her kids, husband and family in general. Women’s work is a debatable topic since there are many different ideas about it, some people believe that the effects of women’s work are positive and will lead to a growing economy, better lifestyle and a cohesive family. On the other hand, others think the opposite; they think that it’ negative and it will lead to dissociated family furthermore there are some areas will take a back seat. However, all these ideas, advantages, disadvantages and their impacts from different aspects will be discussed in this report. Moreover, the fallacy that may occur if there is bad reasoning. When thinking of working women, there are two models come to mind.

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One is how paid employment has a protecting and beneficial effect. Employment protects women against certain negative aspects of being full-time homemakers and mothers, such as the same daily routine and the dependence on the partner for financial support. Working women, tend to be more financially independent which allow them to do things just for themselves without being reliable to someone else. Apart from this, if a woman can earn money (premise 1), she feels safe (premise 2). Therefore, her confidence and self-esteem rise because she is contributing to the world she lives in. (conclusion).

However, some women who are dependent on their partners financially, lose their freedom and cannot find their way into social life. For instance, even if some non-working women exposed to domestic violence by their husband (premise 1), since they do not have the financial means to support themselves or their children (premise 2), they prefer enduring violence instead of getting a divorce. (conclusion)The other model is the working mothers, and it’s the most thing people think of when arguing working women.

When one thinks of the topic of working mothers, many differing/different views come to mind. What will happen to the child, will the mother have enough time to bond with the baby and so on. Which means women’s employment doesn’t have an impact on her only but on who is around her also; her kids, husband, and family in general.Some people say that working mothers are always concerned about the loss of time with their kids, especially if they are very young. Working mothers may worry about missing some of their child’s significant milestones, such as the first step or word. It’s difficult for them to give quality time to their kids. This way the kids are not able to share and express their feelings and remain quite over the important matters.

On the other hand, other people’s say that the mother’s employment makes her time with her kids more valuable. Working Mothers spend quality time with their kids to compensate for the time they didn’t spend together, and kids also look forward to spending time with their mothers. Relative to the pattern….. ? “I have less time with them, but I value that time with them. When you’re at home with them all the time, you take your time with them for granted.

I have a much better relationship with them by going to work.”


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