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The Effects of Banning PlasticsNahed Bayari201801369Qatar University English 202-130 October 9, 2018Ms. Andrea BanickiThe Effects of Banning Plastics Do you ever think about how plastics affect our environment? In the last century plastic has affected the health and life of human body and animal kingdom very badly. Some incidents have kidnapped people’s minds and pulled them to put a big question mark about the use of plastics. Plastics cause several kinds of diseases and harms. The effects of banning plastics are found in soil pollution, in life of animals and in human health.

To start with banning plastics will decrease the soil pollution. Plastic consists of complex compounds so it is need up 30-60 years to decompose. It will get into the soil and slowly release chemicals that will affect the soil negatively. The growth of the trees will be affected due to the residues of chemicals released from soil decomposed. The plastics may release some bacteria when it is decomposed in the soil. These bacteria will react with the water in a harmful way this will give us some vegetables and fruits are not edible.

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Secondly, banning plastics will affect in animals and marine life. A large number of marine animals are killed every year as a result of throwing plastic in the Seas. They found that the number of animals was decreased when the government banned the use of plastics. A huge number of animals eat plastic and then they suffer from a health problems once they do.

Furthermore Sea turtles may eat some plastic materials like plastic bags and this may end their lives. Finally plastics harm our health. The plastics structure may be a source of chemicals which can disrupt the body functions. When plastic is exposed to heat it toxic some chemical structure.

Imagine what will happen to the human body if the 5645113-63466433033Person is drinking a hot coffee in a cup from plastics. As a result, some cities in the U.S plus companies such as Starbucks are banning the use of plastics straw, cups, spoons and other things in the restaurants.

To sum up, Plastic has only entered our lives in the last 70 years. It has caused a several type of harming such as harming our bodies, animals lives and sand pollution. Plastics are not easy to recycle because it is made from nonrenewable sources such as asters One of the disadvantages of this article is the accumulation of a large number of residues that scientists did not find a solution to mitigate its effects on the globe.

Please help the government to protect our earth from the harm of the plastics. We can use the plastics one time beer week with following the instruction of the government. All of this is to protect the human and animal life.1910715403225Word count – 47100Word count – 471


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