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The Effects of Cyberbullying to the VictimsIn these days, everyone may involve in cyberbullying no matter they are the bullies or the victims. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying which a group or individual used email, text or social network to send abusive messages to the victims who cannot defend themselves (Smith et al., 2008.) This is just as much painful as physical bullying. There are many effects of cyberbullying to the victims such as lead to suicidal thoughts, lack of confidence and have trust issues. The first effects of cyberbullying to the victims is leading them to have suicidal thoughts. This is because the victims are suffering in stress and depression. For instance, there is a case of a nine-year-old kids have suicidal thoughts after being called nasty name on Facebook (Victoria, 2017.

) Most of the victims will become very emotional. Based on research, bully victims are emotionally harmed by the act of cyberbullying. (Donegan, 2016.) They felt they are different from others, so the only way they can be free is suicide. The second effects is the victims will become lack of confidence. This is because those words of bully that bullies told make them felt that they are unvalued. For example, words such as ugly, fat, stupid, etc. can really hurt people.

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Other than that, the victims will also feel that they are unaccepted by the world. They think the world is turning against them, no matter what they do, there must be a hater or bullies will attack them. Those bullies are also undermining the victims’ self-esteem.

The victims will keep judging their worth and felt nervous on doing things. (, 2018.) Last but not least, the victims will have trust issues with others. The victims will become lack of trust on people and life because they don’t know who is the one who bully them behind the screen.

For instance, they might always think that their friends are the people who bullying them. Another reason is they think everyone is lying to them. This makes them refuse to communicate with others.

To avoid being betrayed by others, they will hide themselves away. The victims are very hard to be themselves around the people because they afraid once they open up their heart to others, they will get hurt again. In conclusion, cyberbullying has become not just a joke that making fun of others, but it has become criminal acts. Bullying is a serious issue that should be handle immediately. The effects of cyberbullying to the victims are leading them to commit suicide, lack of confidence and have trust issues.

Victims should be brave to stand up for themselves to stop the bullies or just ignoring them because those bullies on social network might not even know who you are.ReferencesSmith, P. K., Mahdavi, J., Carvalho, M.

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