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The element of interactivity in news media is the most important element of Uses and Gratifications theory that deals with the relationship between the users and the media on the basis of their requirements and needs. Armenakis et al.

stated that by news media people fulfill their information and interaction needs (Michailina, Masouras, & Papademetrio, 2015) In the last few decades, the use of media for news consumption has changed and developed a lot. The new trend of getting news by new media considered as a new source of journalism, therefore social media and online news have become an important part of everyone’s life to get updated and informed about the current updates. The most common mediums are facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube have defeat the internet. They are broadly known as the rapid source of diffusion of information.

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These tools of new media are also a great source of entertainment for the users, which results in fulfillment of their gratifications needs (Michailina et al., 2015) Kavoura et al. also supports that social media help people to create interaction with each other by making organized online communities. Moreover, an alternative way to read news online to know about the updates and information is the Mainstream News Sites (Michailina et al.

, 2015)In 2013, Whiting and Williams found 56% of their respondents using social media such as facebook to talk, gossip and discuss with their friends about their activities. On contrary to the traditional media, where the process of interaction is delayed or not guaranteed, participants enjoy the sense of connectivity they get from social media, which fulfills their gratification need of social interaction. (Musa et al., 2016)


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