The Matilda was feeling unsatisfied with the

The ending of a relationship between matilda and phillemon was caused by infidelity , it was not simple as it look, since there was love but some would not admit to it, but at least they cared for each other. Matilda was feeling unsatisfied with the sex life she have in her sex life. Which lead to the collapse of their relationship. She was feeling lonely, bored and not getting enough attention from her husband.

She broke the promise to remain faithful and loyal to his sexual partner. She was a selfish women who was only focusing on her need but not thinking about the other person. Every day when philemon go to work matilda would bring a men into their home.

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It was very clear that matilda was feeling lonely due to lack of sexual affair with her partner philemon. Philemon would go to work and leave her in home and come back later. She then started cheating to his husband hoping not to be found. Unfortunately there was this day when he found them in the home but the men run away and forgot his suit.

He does not attempt to fight with the men and only really seems to notice him when he hears the ‘clap of his bedroom window’ .matilda knowing that his husband is afraid because she expect violence and his calmness induces more fear than a violent outburst would. He then focus on the suit as it is a tangible object to remind him of what has happened. Character’s of Philemon from the suit and Mr Hajji from the hajji both played an important role in both of their beloved one, their characteristic and behaviour lead to those tragic end of their love one Matilda and Karim.Comparing the character of both Philemon and Mr Hajji.Firstly both of the characters were unforgiving specifically Philemon and Mr hajji, the reason I say that it is because Mr hajji failed to forgive his brother Karim who lay dying in Hillbrow only because of Karim choose to live or prohibit with a white girl and left him and his family for 10 year.

Same as Philemon who failed to forgive his wife for cheating on him, instead he uses the suit as a tangible object to remind Mathilda of what she did, he use and treat it as living person and Matilda hate that.Secondly they were also cruel hajji could not allow his brother Karim to be brought to Newtown, even if his brother was brought without his concern as his brother he failed to accept him into his home, so Karim went to leave in a little quiet room yard behind the mosque.Philemon turn into a cruel men, taking pleasure in humiliating his wife, Philemon action cause his own action remorse and pain. Philemon also tell Mathilda that if the suit vanish or anything happen to it he will kill her.Thirdly Mr hajji was selfish he could not to forgive his brother because it would cost him his dignity and manhood. he said if he forgives him people will laugh at him, snigger at his cowardice.With Philemon he failed to confront Mathilda about her own action him instead he uses the suit as a punishment to Mathilda.Finally both of the characters were stubborn with Mr Hajji he did not appreciate his brother’s life while he was alive, instead he wanted to embrace his brother in a final act of love.

He only realise his forgiveness and love for his brother when it’s too late .he now realise that his action toward his brother was cruel and it was too late because his brother was already dead. Same as Philemon while Mathilda was alive he could not love her because of her mistake she did. What Philemon wanted to achieve has gone horribly wrong. He did not imagine the consequences of his action would be so cruel. He turned into a wife abuser and Mathilda could not deal with the emotion abuse anymore. He also regret his action at a late stage and now that Mathilda is deadContrasting the character of both Philemon and Mr Hajji showing how do they differ.

Philemon character on the suit changes throughout the story. His character transform. At first Philemon is a devosted husband and then as a hard-working man, but at the end he becomes an abuser and a controller to his wife Mathilda.Hajji stays the same he doesn’t change we can see that from the begging he did not want anything to do with his brother, he could not accept his brother as his own responsibility until he passed away.

In the begging of the suit it shows us that Philemon use to love his wife. He would make a breakfast for Mathilda every morning before he go to work and he would d help him with home chores.With Hajii he did not appreciate his brother’s wish, and he did not want to take any responsibilities of his brother.Philemon uses to go to shebeen where he stays all day leaving Matilda alone with her thought and fear.With Mr Hajji it’s a different story.

Hajji was a man of God who respected his religion, he was not used to drinking alcohol .Philemon worked as a lawyer but with Hajji he was unemployed.Philemon use the suit as a punishment to Matilda and he fails to confront Matilda about her cheating on him. Hajji went to hillbrow and confronted his brother when he was sick he didn’t use any object toward his brother as a punishment.Philemon was leaving with matilda in the same house but hajji resisted to leave with his own brother.We can say that both of the character Philemon and Mr Hajji had a huge contribution to the tragic end of both Matilda and Karim. The Hajji tell the story of brother love and betrayal.

Mr Hajji is a well respected men who practise his religion and culture as a muslim. His brother Karim left him and went to leave or prohibit with a white women in Hillbrow for 10 years. He choose to be classified as a white men and left his family in Newtown, and now that Karim lay dying in Hilbrow his wish is to die as a muslim in Newtown. His brother Hajji find it so difficult to forgive him of what he did to him and he hardens his heart. He said ‘the is no necessity for me to forgive my brother’.

it really shows that Hajji wanted nothing to do with his brother he was so stubborn to forgive him. When he was asked by Mr Kia to come and see his brother he resisted. Hajji hated his brother so much that he didn’t even try to show up when he was dead, instead he ran away as far as possible. He wanted to embrace his brother in a final act of love. He realise that was too late and he regret his action toward his brother. He hurries home as fast as he can. He trips and falls, but he is determined to see his brotheone last time. Nothing could stop him.

That’s how Mr Hajji contributed to the tragic end of Kim. In the beginning of the suit we can see that Philemon was a respective husband to his wife. He used to make break-fast to his wife before he go to work and helped his wife with home chores. His wife Matilda was so innocent and fragile knowing that she was cheating on her own husband with the suit men. Every day when Philemon go to work Matilda would bring a men into their home. One day Philemon found them in the house but the man ran away and forgot his suit.

Matilda was afraid because she expect violence from his husband but his husband was calm about everything. He does not attempt to fight with the men. He then focuses on the suit as it is a tangible object to remind him of what has happened. He treat the suit as a person and would make Matilda to carry it wherever he go even in church, and Matilda did not like that. The threat is emotional abuser, Philemon feels Matilda is responsible for desanctifying their relationship, though he was the one who placed them on a pedestal. Philemon would pretend like everything is fine and normal between him and Matilda. He further lowers self esteem with indirect threats of violence and exploit her feeling of guilt to reduce and discount his own. He makes Matilda take the suit to the dry cleaners and even for Sunday walk.

Mathilda carries the, as Jesus carried the cross.They seems like a normal happy couple. Philemon does not tell anyone of Matilda’s adultery a characteristic of an abuser. He does not care for his wife’s terrible suffering. Philemon does not accept that his action is abnormal.

She invited her new friend to come to home the following Sunday. She spend the entire week preparing for the party, just before Matilda serve the meal, Philemon order her to bring out the party guest of honour the ‘suit’. Matilda begs her husband to put the punishment on hold, but he refuse to listen.

After she is properly embarrassed. Philemon goes out with his friend to the shebeen, he returns home, he is devastated to find Matilda curled up with the suit. Philemon is a hearted person. He had a huge impact in the tragic end of Matilda .In conclusion I would say that both off the characters were unforgiving, cruel and stubborn. They didn’t realise that their selfish action could course a tragic end to their loved ones. They only realise at a later stage.

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so one day Matilda organised a party with his friend, and Philemon told him to bring the suit, so Matilda went to bring the suit and she placed it in the chair so people were having question about the suit. After the part Philemon leaves with a drunk guest. He returns drunk, and he found Matilda dead off stress. That how Philemon contributed to the death of Matilda.


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