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The entertainment industry has been criticized by groups that represents many minorities. They have been criticized by the way these groups have been illustrated in movies, television programs, music videos and many others. For many years, African Americans as a group have been stereotyped as such harmful and unintelligent individuals. In some movies and television shows, black people are portrayed as more hot-tempered and profane than white people. I must admit, there has been a little to some progress to fight against these horrible portrayals throughout the years. We cannot blame black people for what others see them as. I say this because the image of black people was already constructed by white men before they even entered the United States. Even today, these stereotype threats are still active and has a huge impact on black individuals’ everyday lives.
First, the media greatly helped portray negative stereotypes on black people. Today, the media has unique ways in reporting stories on race. African Americans are seen as criminals, aggressive, and even rapists. These negative connotations from the media only perpetuates blacks as the worst people to come across. Television has been the epitome of American culture. Let me explain. The stereotypical images we see on television has come to characterize our society. The images that the media puts out about African Americans shows exactly what they think about them. Let’s take it back a few years. Mammies are what they called African American women that had exaggerated features. Women that were overweight, had big lips and a gap between the teeth were considered a Mammy.
Today, most women like to wear weaves, acrylic and lots of makeup. This is considered the norm and most people look over it now. It gets stereotypical when a woman gets her hair colored, wear her acrylic nails longer than normal, and have a piercing. When a black female comes out in this way, she is portrayed as “ghetto.” I must say, it is not the most flattering or professional way to present yourself, but it most definitely doesn’t make a person ghetto. You may be wondering what makes a person ghetto. Many people have their own definitions of ghetto. To take it even further, some women


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