The came a revolution in social media, where

The evolution and advancements that have come through the ages in the field of technology is nothing less than laudable. With this evolution in technology came a revolution in social media, where it became much easier to stay connected with other individuals. Since the Internet has quickly propagated, social media has also progressed rapidly. The widespread use of mobile devices to access the internet gradually transformed the nature of our social interactions. This essay discusses the overall issues and changes that social networks have created in the current society and how social media strengthens and weakens communication between individuals. Additionally, most people now depend on social media for a large part of their day; checking Facebook updates, posting on Twitter, or just keeping up to date with the drama surrounding their daily lives.

The dependence on social media networks has its own impacts on the health of a large part of the Australian population. Individuals are so infused with the idea of isolation of oneself behind the blue screen that a lot of people are now developing extreme cases of trust issues and demoralization. The social media platform was designed to act as a means of communication and to know each other better.

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However, it has reached to such an extent now that a lot of people are attributing mental disorders such as depression, panic attacks and stress from excessive use of social media. Technology, with its negative associations, is now serving as a major reason to the instability in the societySocial media is a source of communication allowing users to stay connected with friends and family near and far. However, excessive amounts of use deprive individuals of human interaction substituting genuine emotional relationships with virtual companionship. Although social media allows people to maintain connections with family, good friends, and co-workers it can also give us the misguided impression that we share the same connection with virtual strangers or passing acquaintances.

It’s argued that social media may insulate individuals from the people that surround them. Passive consumption of Facebook and other social networking sites also correlate to a marginal increase in depression and other mental disorders. Minimal use of social networking sites would allow individuals to maintain their relationships with the people that surrounding them, however, would still allow them to stay connected with the people distant from them.


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