The adolescents may go to bad ways

The fact that the number of students who are Taking a “gap year” off after the high school and before university has become one of the most popular options among is evident to all.Of course, there are several reasons for that some of them take that break to travel, work even sit at home and rest.The idea behind that is to do useful thing such as earn money, Developing life skills, Learning more about cultures and meeting new people .

There are advantages and disadvantages for that rest.In this essay I will try to discuss the both sides of issue pros and cons The are some benefits of this gap year off before university in various aspects such as personal level, cultural life and traditional life. For example, this year can help a young person to gain some life and work experience prior to starting university, as well as develop as a person. Furthermore, traveling during this year give them the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures. Moreover, travelers can profit work experience and improve their foreign language skillshowever, there are some dangers involved in taking a year-long break .firstly, the maindrawback is education will be stopped when students take a rest after the high school , for work or exodus. On a personal level, students who travel away from home spends a year away from studying,Maybe they find it difficult later to return because they like the salary they earned , the idea of working and maybe have enjoyed the freedom.

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In addition , by earning money in early age, adolescents may go to bad ways ways and indulge in bad habits like smoking, alcohol or drug addiction.To sum up ,there are both benefits and negative effects of taking ayear out between finishing and starting studies.nevertheless, it will depend greatly on theindividual and the way that they decide to spend that year.their motivations should consider If they managed that year in correct way , that break will be good for them for various reasons such as it might help in the growth of the person and help them to be better prepared in different aspects


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