The medical insurance. Their poverty rate is two

The factors of education inequality can be either endogenous or exogenous: not enough school facilities, poor administrative environment of school system. Absenteeism, truancy, bad grades, and dropouts are several reasons that cause inequality. Segregation maybe the greatest cause because it includes racial, gender, social, and economic segregation. Among these, racial problem is the most serious one. The discrimination that appears today hinders people from receiving better and ideal education. In America, the social position of the African-Americans is very low, which is due to racial discrimination. According to the 2013 census data released by the United States, the annual average income of white-earners in 2011 was 62,000 U.

S. dollars, compared with only 41,000 U.S. dollars for African-American families, the former is one-third higher than the latter. More than 40% of the American wandering people are African-Americans. At least 20% of people of African-American do not have medical insurance.

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Their poverty rate is two to three times that of whites and up to about 25%. This phenomenon is very common from the past to today, because this thought is deep rooted in American’s brain, which they may not admit it when racial discrimination happens.


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