The Fault In Our Stars will leave

The Fault In Our StarsBy John Green The Fault In Our Stars is about a girl named Hazel Grace who has thyroid cancer.

Hazel attends a weekly support group for kids and teens who have or have had any sort of cancer, where she meets Augustus Waters who is ” a very intelligent and hot ” boy who is currently in remission. They both take a liking for each other, their relationship grows and develops throughout the book as they fight cancer together. Along the way, Hazel learns many valuable lessons. The Fault In Our Stars will leave you crying, more emotional than you were before, and have a look at what it looks like to lose someone just as you got to know them.

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Hazel Grace Lancaster finished high school early and has already started college at the age of 16. Hazel was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer at the age of 13, But although the treatment helps, her lungs still fill up with fluid. She has pageboy haircut, has dark brown hair, green eyes, she describes herself having fat chipmunk cheeks due to the side effect of treatment. Hazel is smarter than most people, Hazel doesn’t have many friends, Hazel loved to read an Imperial Affliction.

Augustus Waters is a sophomore in high school at the age of 18 ( a year behind).


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