The Goofy is usually a character in most

The film “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” tells the original story of the novel A Christmas Carol very well in my opinion. Although it is not a very long film like the others, it captures everything told in the novel very well, but with less detail.

The characters from the cartoon “Mickey Mouse” each played a character from the novel. Each of the characters from “Mickey Mouse” embodied each of the characters from A Christmas Carol very well. Although they represent the characters from the novel very well, the director of “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” gave the story their own touch. One character that was a little different from the original one from the novel was Jacob Marley. In this version of the film, Jacob Marley was portrayed by Goofy. Goofy is usually a character in most “Mickey Mouse” films and shows which is a silly character.

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The part in the novel where Jacob Marley goes and speaks to Scrooge is supposed to be a very spooky and scary part in the novel. The same scene that is portrayed in the film is not that spooky or scary, but more goofy. Some other characters also were not exactly like the characters described in the novel, but it did retell the story very well.

The events that happened in the book were very well put together in this film. All of the main or most important characters were also part of the film. Overall, the film was a very good adaptation for the novel, A Christmas Carol.


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