The of their surroundingsSet during World War

The film takes place in the city of Berlin during World War ll. The main protagonist is an eight year old boy that is sweet, kind, and smart eight year old boy named Bruno. Being alone in his house, with no friends to play with, lead to Bruno embarking in exploring the surrounding woods. During his exploring he meets another boy who’s name was Shmuel. Shmuel was a jewish kid who was being held in a concentration camp, in which bruno father was the new commander.

After speaking for some time, a friendship developed; however, due to the barbed-wire fence it was hard to play with each other. The boys began a forbidden friendship, oblivious to the real nature of their surroundingsSet during World War II, this remarkable and inspiring story about the power of the human spirit will capture your heart and engage your mind. During World War ll, there was a division between race. In the film The boy in striped pajamas is about an 8 year old boy who becomes friend with another kid. The conflict is that the other kid is in the concentration camp due to being jewish.

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