The he begins to shoot random things.

The final character that I would like to discuss is Kenny. Throughout the short story, Kenny is known to be a prankster. For example, the story begins with Kenny pretending to run over Tub with his car.

Also, when on the farmers property, Kenny pretends to be a dog, falling on all fours, and barking at the dog on the farm. However, the fact that he loves to joke around is the reason he got hurt. Instead of telling Tub and Frank that the farmer told him to kill the dog, he pretends he’s going crazy. When he is approaching the dog by the barn again, he begins to shoot random things. “‘I hate that post.’ He fired at it. ‘It’s dead.

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‘ ‘I hate that tree.’ He fired at it. ‘I hate that dog.’ He killed it. He turns to Tub. ‘I hate you,'” (Wolff, Pag 26). Throughout this entire page he begins shooting random things to build up to his ultimate joke.

He makes everyone believe that he is going crazy throughout this ordeal and that he will shoot Tub. This causes for Tub to shoot Kenny first causing Kenny’s injury. I feel like that Wolff reveals the most about this character when Kenny gets shot. It shows how his constant need to pull pranks on other could lead to his downfall. Also, throughout the piece, Kenny can be quite a jerk. He constantly talks down to his friends in a negative manner and has no concern for their feelings.

For example, he often makes fun of Tub and constantly tells him to stop complaining. If he wants to complain then he should go complain to his wife and kids but not complain to him. Even though throughout the piece he is a jerk, Kenny remains hopeful even after being shot.

Another time where I believe Wolff reveals a lot about this character is after he gets shot. After he gets shot, Kenny can remain hopeful and he is able to show his true feelings for his friends later in the story. As he is beginning to lose hope in the back of the truck, Frank tells Kenny to repeat “‘I’m going to the hospital,'” (Wolff, Page 33). This shows how he is constantly repeating in his head that he is going to the hospital. This motivates Kenny to stay alive. For the rest of the story, whenever we hear Kenny speak, we hear him repeating the fact that he is going to the hospital to himself, even when he is on the verge of death and freezing in the snow.


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