The is rescued by Mike, and he has

The Final Hour has quite a few different settings, the book starts in the maximum security prison called Abingdon. Abingdon is rough and has a lot of the worst criminals from the United States. In Abingdon, everyone is aggressive, including the guards. Eventually, Charlie escapes Abingdon and is rescued by Mike, and he has flashbacks of his past with The Homelanders. Mike takes Charlie to the old Homelanders headquarters. The mansion that was once owned by the Homelanders is humongous and rustic with old paintings covering its walls.

Charlie voyages to New York in a tiny Cessna in hopes of stopping the Homelanders terrorist attack. The plane crashes in a park near New York and Charlie and Mike voyage to the subway system. The Subway is dark and as the two traverse the railway they must watch out for the third rail, which is a rail that has enough electricity to kill a man instantly.

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In the subway, Mike and Charlie get caught in a gunfight with some Homelanders. Mike is shot but the Homelanders are subdued, and Charlie needs to stop the leader of the Homelanders, Prince. Charlie finds Prince climbing a tall ladder to Times Square, and its hard to see because of the darkness. The final scene ends with Charlie stopping Prince and becoming a national hero.

When he leaves the hospital he is flocked by hundreds of reporters, and he gets to reunite with family and friends.


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