The references for future and additional other researchers

The findings of this study could serve as references for future and additional other researchers and it may have an important contribution to literatures and research study conducted around the topic.1.6. Scope of the studyThe scope of this study is focus to Mekane Selam town in general and to the two sampled kebeles of the town in particular. Thematically, the research is geared toward practices and challenges of solid waste management mainly the concept of solid waste management, challenges of leadership, current participation and implementation of waste management, availability of infrastructure in solid waste management in the case of Mekane selam town.

It targeted two sampled kebeles (kebele 1, 4) of the town and samples that consist of selected executive kebele leaders; urban development house and construction sector leaders, hospital and health center managers, sanitation and beatification workers and selected kebele residents were members of the target population of the study area. 1.7. Limitation of the studyIn conducting this study, the researcher faced some limitations during data collections.

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Some of the focus group discussion participants frustrated to give relevant information about leaders at the beginning of discussion. Respondents of kebele and urban development leaders were busy because of continuous meetings. The researcher tried to take alleviation measure to attain the objectives the study and tried to discuss on the purpose of the research and convince FGD participants on the importance of their real opinion to contribute on the reality of the study. The researcher arranged convenient time with the town and kebele administration leaders by using out of office hours and suitable area.


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