The at work piece. Secondly, the disadvantage is

The first advantage of using CNC plasma cutting is it has a high precision and high accuracy.

It is because the CNC plasma cuttings is operated in a computer and are paired with state-of-the-art software. Thus, the specification for measurement is already stored in the computer before the cutting process begins. Since the cutter is computer operated, the cuts are sharp and accurate.

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The second advantage is a quick operation of the machine. The CNC plasma cutting do not require preheating and it can operate instantly. Thus, the cutting speed can operate at high speed cutting which is at 300-450 mm/s. The third advantage is the best aspect for CNC plasma cutting system is safe and secure. It has an exhaust or downward draft system that draws the smoke away from the operator. The function of downward draft system is to constrain all the debris and fumes that produce while cutting. The first disadvantage of using CNC plasma cutting is hardened edges.

The plasma cutter will create a warmed affected region that can produce a hard edge at work piece. Secondly, the disadvantage is the dross that is produced at the edge of the work piece. Lastly, the disadvantage is cost. The cost to maintain the plasma cutter is quite expensive it is because the machine part will become wear at certain times.There are some errors when the experiment is being conducted which is measurement error. Measurement error that occurred in this experiment when the measurement of the work piece is not same than the measurement in computer drawing. It is because due to the lack of accuracy in CNC plasma cutting machine.

It is because the machine is already out of maintenance and the cutter of a machine is already worn out. Thus, the result of the work piece will have a slight difference from the actual value in the computer system. The second error that occurred in this experiment is human error. Observational error occurred due to wrong observation or reading of the instrument.

In this experiment it occurred when the reading instrument is used as vernier calliper to measure the work piece and the reading is less accurate. It is because the observers eye is not at position angle measurement marking.?


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