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The first instance we are going to look at today is going to be the CIRCUMCISION. This is the first time that Jesus shed blood for you and me.

And he did it at the very young age of 8 DAYSTo understand more clearly the meaning of the circumcision we must go back to the Genesis or beginning Genesis 17:1-12We find in these scriptures that Abram was getting ready to get the best gift that could ever be given. He was getting ready to cut covenant with the most high God.What the covenant was is very simple but at the same time very difficult to understand. The cutting of a covenant was simply the intermingling of blood from one person to another. The Hebrew word for covenant literally means to “to cut”. It gives the suggestion of an incision were blood is to flow. II. The method of cutting the covenant2 men that wish to cut the covenant come together with friends and a priest.

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First they exchange gifts. By this exchange of gifts they indicate that all that one has the other is entitle to or owns if necessary. After the exchange of gifts, they bring a cup of wine and there is an incision made in the arm of one of the persons that are involved and his blood is shed into the wine cup. The wine is stirred and the two drink from the cup and thus the form a covenant.There blood from the wounds is then mixed by rubbing there wounds together. III.

The sacredness of cutting the covenant  7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee There was a man name Stanley that traveled all over the continent of Africa and in his travels he came upon numerous tribes and numerous times he cut the covenant with them. He said of the all his travels never did he find that the covenant was broken no matter the provocation or reason. No matter where they traveled they found that the covenant was not to be broken no matter what. The vilest enemies become trusted friends as soon as the covenant is cut. It is so sacred that the children to the third and fourth generations revere it. In other words it is a perpetual covenant, indissoluble a covenant that cannot be annulled.


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