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The first problem is the daily production is too strict for the workers, lack of training and high turnover rate of foreman. The foreman has no power to control about daily production including quality of the product such as the machine broken. The management of the Lima Plant only focuses on the number of daily product and they think that the target is the most important duty of foreman and they give too much pressure on that target so it can be cause of the problems in the company. The solution for these problems is company should not set the goal of production too high.

However, the company should come up with training benefit for the foreman in Lima Plant. The company needs to assign weekly report about production. For example, if they have weekly report to management, the foreman can report about problem in the production line so they can figure it out the way to reduce those problems. Moreover, foremen can be happy that the management listens to them and try to help them work efficiently and easier and its can fix the problem of foreman turnover rate as well.The second problem is that job dissatisfaction between line foremen. The line foremen felt unhappy because of they don’t have a power or authority but they have a lot of responsibilities. Foremen also often pulled into different conflicting directions by management.

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According to long shift timing and hourly workers often came to work late can be cause of foremen to get sick and unhealthy, fill the worker to replace when regular worker call sick and maintain safety and health standard for workers. The foremen also have kind of administrative duty to do such as payroll processing. The solution for job dissatisfaction between line foremen is the company should set policies about working condition and also set motivation for the employee such as promote staff. The company should assign work to staff properly not to ask them work over their duty.


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